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Launch Stage

You are ready to start the launch process for your website!

there are a few tasks that we have to do, which takes some time, and there are a couple of things that you'll need to do to make the transition as smooth as possible:

This is the order of the things we need to do:

  • check email addresses for forms
  • add your analytics code
  • test the contact forms
  • add 301 redirects file from old site to new site
  • setup a redirect from non-www to www
  • copy the current blog content into the new database
  • backup the old site and its content
  • remove the old site
  • copy the code for the new site over
  • copy the code for the blog over
  • setup the rss feed for the blog
  • generate the top level menus
  • generate the sitemaps
  • enable indexing on the new site
  • add the new site style to the blog
  • test the forms are sending the emails to the correct people

The site has been cross-browser tested, but before we can start the launch process we need the following things from you :

  1. email address confirmation for the forms
    (which address each form should go to)
  2. google analytics account details
  3. 301 redirects file

attached is an excel sheet with all the current urls from your website, if you can go through the file and add in the url for the new site in the second column and send them over then we can add these in during the launch process - this doesn't need to be done before launch, but the quicker its done, the better your site will fair during the launch

We use a support system ( || [email protected]) to communicate throughout the process. This allows us to keep all communications regarding the design and build in one area (avoiding multiple email threads and lost communications).
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