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Staging / Test Stage

This is the part of the process where all of the elements have been tied together: wireframes and design, content and code. During the build stage we have tested the site on a range of browsers and have fixed layout issues and bugs in the code.


The next step after Staging is launch, so by the end of the staging process your site should look exactly as you would expect it to appear when its live. this includes all the menus, all the content on all the pages, pictures, etc

In order to launch the website, we need your formal approval, this involves you looking at the site in as many different devices as possible (including phones and tablets) and providing feedback on any issues you may find - which we will then fix and ask you to check the site again - this part of the process will be repeated as many times as is needed untill you are happy with the site.

Once approved we will launch the website.

It is difficult (and professionally, its bad practice) for us to edit code on the live site once launched, so its very important that you raise any issues with us at this stage, before launch, as, to fix the issues after launch, we need to first re-make the staging environmant and then identify and fix the issues, and repeat the launch process again, this is very timeconsuming, and while we would be working at re-staging your site, the issues would remain on your live site.

We use a support system ( || [email protected]) to communicate throughout the process. This allows us to keep all communications regarding the design and build in one area (avoiding multiple email threads and lost communications).
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