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Content Stage

Content is all of the text, menu-layouts, images, videos, maps, products, descriptions, categories, brands etc on your website.

You should start planning and writing your content as soon as is possible. In general, the most time-consuming part of building a website is writing and modifying the content.

Content Strategy

There are many different types of content strategies to employ, and many techniques that can be of help, is one example of how to create content.

Adding Content

We have created a 'Staging Server' for you to add content - bear in mind that the layout and designs are not yet started, so the site uses what is called a 'bootstrap' - the minimum needed to make the site function. You should take this into consideration when adding content, and be careful to use the pre-defined heading settings and font settings as once the design is built your text will take on the designed appearence.

Redback Guide

There is a getting started guide for working with redback here - the guide will show you how to add pages, products, categories, brands, etc into redback.

If you have data to be imported, it might not be imported right now - we may have to build some functionality before we can import all of your data, though by the end of the content process, all of your data will be imported.


Once we have completed the functionality / build stage, the designs will be merged with your content, and the website will start taking and you will be sent an email with a snagging list with instruction on how to provide feedback so we may alter the website if needed.

if you have any questions about your content please contact || [email protected]

We use a support system ( || [email protected]) to communicate throughout the process. This allows us to keep all communications regarding the design and build in one area (avoiding multiple email threads and lost communications).
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