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Welcome to adeo
This email is a short introduction to the way that adeo will deliver your new website project. Its purpose is to highlight the various Processs that we have developed over the years in order to deliver the highest quality website for our clients and to keep our clients aware of what will happen throughout the development of your website.

Our Process
The design and development of your website is divided into Processs, at the beginning of each Process you will be informed of the upcoming tasks and whats involved. Once each Process is complete you will recieve an email asking for approval to move to the next Process along with a way to indicate changes.

The design and development of your website involves:
Brief Process
Content Process
Wireframes Process
Design Process
Functionality / Build Process
Staging / Test Process
Launch Process

During The Brief Process you will be sent a design brief, which asks various questions about your ideas, etc. It is from this brief that we will build your site.

The Content Process is the most important and runs parallel to the Wireframes, Design and functionality / build Processs. It is during this stage where you create the on-page content and any imports of existing data occur.

The Wireframes Process is where we will decide the items on each page and their layout.

The Design Process is where we will decide on fonts, colour schemes, look and feel, etc

The Functionality / Build Process is where we will turn the designs into a functional website and add any bespoke functionality

The Staging process is the final checks of your website before launch - during this stage, any last-minute changes to content, etc can be tweaked.

Launch Process - this is where your website is launched.

We use a support system ( || [email protected]) to communicate throughout the process. This allows us to keep all communications regarding the design and build in one area (avoiding multiple email threads and lost communications).
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